Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mutton Cove and the Fish Islands – Feb 8

In the morning we were again unable to land, but took a Zodiac ride around Mutton Cove. There were some incredible icebergs that looked like they had been sculpted for the next Antarctic Ice Art Show.

We also saw some Imperial Cormorants nesting on the ice flows.

We were constantly passing incredible icebergs. Many, because they were formed under water and contain very little oxogyn, are an absolutely brilliant blue color.

In the afternoon we landed on the Fish Islands. A series of very small islands with names like Minnow, Sardine, and Cod. Lots of Adelie penguins to keep us amused. Photo, Me and Adelie Penguins.

It was interesting to watch a skua (a fairly common bird here) looking for a meal, since one of his favourites is penguin chick. He was not successful this time.

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