Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back In Ushuaia: Feb 14 - 17

Our arrival back into Ushuaia couldn´t have been better. First, although the Drake Passage is noted for miserable weather and hellishly seasick passengers it hadn´t been bad for us. It was two days of open ocean, but kind of like a gentle roller coaster rather than being slammed up against a brick wall every 5 seconds. We were lucky... the next day a storm came up and the boats went through a very miserable passage.

As we awoke to come into Ushuaia we had an absolutely perfect sunrise. What a way to end the trip!

It was also nice to see that my bike was still intact at the hotel.

I spent a few more days in Ushuaia. Alicia, my travel agent, had no customers at the time since the season was winding down and wanted me to take her on the bike, so we did a little exploring.

One interesting nearby trip was to visit a guy who raises huskies to race. He has about 70 of them. As a former husky (OK, half husky) owner (We miss you, Yukon), I really appreciated seeing these. Obviously they weren´t too standoffish with me either! I was sorely tempted to bring home a few (like maybe an even half dozen). If I only could have figured out how to fit them on the bike!

We also went to the Parque Nacional Ushuaia. I hadn´t wanted to go into the park before, mainly because of the cost. The real reason for going is because this is where the road ends. I mean, this is really where the road stops: Nada mas. Finito. End of South America. Panamericana termino.... well you get the idea. So it was obviously someplace I needed a picture, but didn´t want to pay 50 pesos ($18) just to go in for a photo op. However, Alicia is a resident with all her documents. When they asked me if I was a resident also I just left my helmet visor down and mumbled ¨Si¨ in my best Argentinian accent. Result: Entry fee of 4 pesos ($1.15).

Obviously this was a picture that I had to get. As you can see, from here it´s only 3079 kilometers back up north to Buenos Aires!

I have to note that we weren´t done with discovering the wildlife here in Ushuaia. We did see one type of penguin in the park that we hadn´t seen in Antarctica. However, they weren´t as cute as the smaller variety. We are also not sure how they breed.

(With apologies to the religious amongst you... but that´s just my warped sense of humor)

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