Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finally... Buenos Aires: March 2 to 6

The ride from Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires was uneventful... 500 km of tarmac. Getting into BA was another matter. This is a huge city, and the place I was looking for is in a far suburb.

I had arranged to store my bike at Dakar Motos, a shop used by many intrepid bikers like myself. After two hours of searching -- unsuccessfully -- I finally called and Javier, the owner, sent someone to find me.

I spent the next two days sleeping in the back room of the shop (pure luxury) and doing general maintenance on the bike. There´s a little more repair to be done before I continue (the wobble in the front end turned out to be bad wheel bearings that need to be replaced), but Javier will take care of that before I return.
Yesterday (March 4), I moved to a hostel in San Telmo, one of the more active and interesting areas of Buenos Aires. I left the bike in the attentive hands of Javier, to be ready for my return. I´ll miss the old girl!
On Friday (March 6) I fly to Santiago for some business with a university there and to visit some friends. Monday, March 9, it´s back to Panama and the end -- at least for now -- of the journey.
It´s been a hell of a ride !

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