Friday, September 26, 2008

Colonial Cartagena

Finally made it to Cartagena, where I would have started had I gone by boat. It is an old, charming colonial city that dates back to 1580. Cartagena was probably the second most important city in Latin America, after Lima. It is a facinating (if a bit touristy and pricey) city.

It´s interesting to see some of the things they choose to celebrate by building museums. The gold museum is to be expected... the various pre-colombian tribes made exquisite gold objects:

However, there is also a Museum of the Inquisition. A tribute to Torquemada and all the good folks that brought you the Rack, the Iron Maiden, and other instruments of torture for a truly successful Auto de Fe! David and John just had to see if they could turn John into a basketball star! (It didn´t work)

Everywhere in Colombia you also see sculptures and paintings by Botrero, Colombia´s most famous artist. Even if you don´t know his name, you have probably seen his pictures of rather ¨rotund¨people. We just couldn´t resist comparing Kay´s ¨nalga¨(look it up in your Spanish dictionary) with a real Botrero.
Tomorrow it´s off to Medellin. Hasta Pronto

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